Napoli salvage operation: end in sight

Work to remove the remaining section of MSC Napoli from Lyme Bay will begin in early May

The remainder of the container ship, MSC Napoli, is to be finally removed from Lyme Bay after 15 months.

The ship ran aground off the coast of Branscombe, Devon in January 2007, causing mayhem as scavengers swarmed to the area to loot through the crates that had washed ashore containing goods from motorbikes to cosmetics.

The ship was en-route to South Africa when it was deliberately beached in Lyme Bay after being damaged in storms. Some of the cargo was lost overboard, although most of the looted goods have now been returned.

The remaining part of the stern section of the vessel remains aground in Lyme Bay with a list of 40° to starboard. Shaped explosives will be used to remove the propeller, the rudder, and to cut the propeller shaft. They will also be used to weaken the structure of the main engine to assist its removal. The aft section will then be systematically removed. The whole operation is expected to take about five months.