New life for HMS Invincible?

Ex-Navy Falklands veteran could find a new purpose as a portable helicopter base

HMS Invincible may be given a new lease of life as a privately-owned floating helicopter base to support the construction of offshore windfarms. The 31-year-old aircraft carrier, which played a pivotal role in the Falklands War, was finally retired by the Royal Navy in September after spending the past five years in reserve.

Lea McMeekin, managing director of Port Millom, has already approached the Ministry of Defence to register his interest in the vessel. The idea is supported by the Mayor of Millom, who said, “the proposals are very imaginative – you have got to have a vision to make things work”.

Sea Harrier aircraft from the aircraft carriers Invincible and Hermes bore the brunt of the Task Force’s defence against Argentine aircraft in the South Atlantic. They were considered top priority targets and, had either been sunk, it would have made the recapture of the islands impossible.