Residents propose new marina for Kent harbour

Queenborough Creek on the Isle of Sheppey could be getting a new marina under new Kent harbour development plans

A £5.5million plan to build a new marina on the Isle of Sheppey has been put forward by a local residents’ association.

The new marina would be situated in Kent harbour of Queenborough creek and would generate more than £500,000 per year in revenue, it has been claimed.

Tim Bell of the Queenborough Harbour Trust told the Kent Messenger: “We feel that this could be a good investment and there is great potential.”

The proposal follows a decision by Swale Council to remove the Kent harbour from its £400m regeneration plan.

However, Mr Bell argues that the new Queenborough marina would prove a popular alternative to Gillingham Marina, which is 20 miles further from the coast.

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Last year, Queenborough marina provided berths for 1,500 boats from as far afield as Sweden and the USA.

Campaigners argue that this number could be dramatically increased if new moorings and floating pontoons are fitted.