New pontoon storage solution

We had to share the Dock Box with our readers

Fed up with carrying your kit from car to boat? Then this Dock Box could be the answer.

Measuring 60cm (2ft) wide, 193cm (6ft 3in) long and 63cm (2ft 1in) tall, it might look like a Tesco Value coffin but as a simple storage box how clever does it have to be?

Made from strong GRP, it is waterproof and looks fairly sturdy, perhaps a little too sturdy. The lid of the box we tested at the boat show appeared to be too heavy for its single gas strut.

But the main issue with the Dock Box is its price tag. How much would you pay for a fender box? £100? maybe £200? Versa Dock wants £708 plus delivery.

So it looks like fenders will be left to clutter our cockpits for a while longer.