New record boat load set

Some 50 motorboats and yachts packed onto boat transporter bound for Caribbean

A new record will be set today when a semi-submersible yacht transport sails with a record load of 50 motorboats and yachts. Super Servant 4 will carry the 23 motoryachts, one sportsfisher and 26 yachts from Rhode Island in the US to the Caribbean.

Super Servant 4 is 556ft long and partially ‘sinks’ to allow its cargo of boats to load and unload under their own power rather than be lifted by cranes. It is one of four similar ships operated by Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT) on routes that include the US East Coast, Bahamas, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Caribbean, Pacific West Coast and South Pacific.

“We are maxed out on this trip, not one inch of room to spare,” said DYT spokesman Ann Souder. “It’s a huge operation, with draftsmen having to work out the placement of each vessel based on its volume and its weight distribution relative to others on the ship.”