New superyacht design is full of holes

The latest oddball superyacht concept is hole-y different from anything that has gone before

The winner of the 2011 Millennium Yacht Design Award Kim Hyun-Seok has gone all out on his latest design – a 125-metre superyacht, called the Voronoi.

Named after the Voronoi pattern, derived from the work of Russian mathematician Georgi Voronoi, used in the styling of the exterior, Hyun-Seok says he has attempted to create a feeling of openness and space.

“The Voronoi pattern is a special method of removing unwanted blocks of solid space, letting you create the most robust structures while using the minimum amount of material,” explains the young designer.

“Therefore, this method is often used in engineering work. A good example of such a structure is in dragonfly wings. My Voronoi yacht concept has a similar pattern, which is quite strong and looks good.”

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Despite being encased in a revolutionary plastic and aluminium shell, the boat still has all the trappings of a traditional superyacht including a lush indoor garden, bar, gallery and dining room with a stage for playing music.