New Trolleywise app aims to clear up our waterways

Say goodbye to shopping trolley hazards on our rivers and canals as the Trolleywise app could spell the end of them

A new app has been introduced to combat stray shopping trolleys left in the UK’s rivers and canals.

The Trolleywise scheme says reports from the public have helped it locate and retrieve 112,765 trolleys from the streets, fields and waterways of the UK, but to further target the estimated 1.5m trolleys abandoned every year, this new app will allow users to take a photograph of any rogue trolleys and submit it directly. The app takes your position and one of 47 Trolleywise vans will attend the scene within 24 hours to collect it.

Trolleywise claims that its vans collect more than 400,000 trolleys every year, charging the retailers and saving the authorities millions of pounds in collection fees. It also says it will plant a tree for the charity, Trees for Cities, for every trolley spotted and collected using the app.

For those that boat on the inland waterways this could prove to be a vital app that could help remove the hazards and eyesores of many rivers. For coastal boaters, if you can see a shopping trolley, you may be about to hit land and you need to check your depth.  

More details on the app