Nuclear submarine visits Portsmouth

Police to enforce a 100m exclusion zone around the 6000 ton USS Scranton

Boaters are being warned to steer clear of an American nuclear submarine which is paying a 10-day visit to Portsmouth. USS Scranton, a Los Angeles class attack submarine, arrived at the naval base on Wednesday and is due to sail on Friday, February 25th.

Police boats will enforce a 100m exclusion zone around the submarine while she is alongside in the naval base. They will also accompany her during her transit out of harbour to enforce the requirement that other craft must keep at least 250m away while she is on the move.

Scranton, which is 110m long and cost around $900 million, is powered by a single nuclear reactor and carries Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles as well as torpedoes. She displaces 6,000 tons on the surface and 6,900 tons submerged and has a crew of around 130.