OSG and Outerlimits team-up for P1 in 2008

Marketing deal sees Outerlimits and OSG join forces

When Outerlimits Powerboats decided to enter the 2007 Powerboat P1 World Championship; its objectives were to sell boats by demonstrating the performance capabilities of its products in European waters. It has now achieved both and in doing so has reinforced P1’s business credentials as the test ground and marketing platform for the marine industry.

During the final heats of the P1 season in Portimao, Portugal last week, Outerlimits Powerboats announced it had entered into a tie-up with OSG, Italy’s most formidable racing team. In 2008, OSG’s world title challenge will therefore be factory-supported while the Neapolitan outfit will become the official Italian representative for Outerlimits Powerboats.

With the completion of another successful season, the announcement that one of the championships leading competitors and a world renowned manufacturer are willing to invest significant resources into P1 in 2008 is further proof of the growing status of the Powerboat P1 World Championship.