Outer Reef Yachts employ star superyacht designer Ken Freivokh

Designer of Maltese Falcon Ken Freivokh to join Outer Reef Yachts

Outer Reef Yachts are to employ Ken Freivokh, the designer of Maltese Falcon, to design more contemporary interiors for their range of trawler yachts.

The idea is to increase the appeal for the European market with a series of interiors that are more modern whilst maintaining the traditional exterior of a trawler-style yacht.

The other bonus for the customer is that as long as you stay within a reasonable set of parameters, semi-customising the interior can be done at no extra cost.

For Outer Reef, the caché of inviting Ken Freivokh in to their fold is a huge boon as he one of the most well known and sought after designers in the industry.

Outer Reef employ Ken Freivokh

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Outer Reef’s European director of sales Trevor DeFaoite says: “We are delighted to welcome Ken Freivokh alongside our team here in Europe.

“When we were tasked with launching the Outer Reef brand into the EU I knew there was only one designer with whom we wanted to work, Ken Freivokh.

“Our owners are the most experienced and knowledgeable clients today and have come to us after many years of sailing production yachts and now want a yacht that can take them and their family in absolute luxury and safety to where ever they choose.”

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