Overseas buyers flock to the London Boat Show

Exchange rates and dealer professionalism cited as reasons for foreign buyer interest

London is no stranger to overseas visitors, however the number of foreign accents at this year’s Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show seems markedly up on previous years.

With the old international visitor pass no longer available, there is no way to track the actual number of overseas visitors at the show, however an MBM straw poll of exhibitors suggests that numbers are indeed up.

Backing up the findings of MBM’s recent market report (Jan 2011 issue), it seems the UK is viewed as a very attractive place to buy a new boat by many Europeans.

As evidence, may we submit the case of a group of Italians visiting the UK show to buy new French boats or the Swiss couple looking at a Swedish cruiser.

With the mighty Düsseldorf show touting itself as the main European event, it is fantastic news for London and the wider British marine community that it can still draw in an international crowd.