P1 brand aids marketing

Ilmor engines to carry P1 decal

Ilmor, the American race-engine design and manufacturing firm, will celebrate its achievements in powering the King of Shaves Fountain Worldwide powerboat team to the 2007 World Championship by including the P1 logo on every marine engine it sells in 2008. Its twin MV – 10 625 engine achieved seven podium places, including five outright wins, in its debut season in P1, a remarkable achievement by a company that did not enter the marine field until 2002.

“We have decided to include the P1 logo on all engines sold during 2008 in recognition of our achievement in 2007,” explains Paul Ray, President of Ilmor Marine. “Our customers know that ‘we race what we sell’ and are just as proud of our achievements as we are. Fitting the P1 decal means that anyone buying an Ilmor product will immediately know that it has the same origins as the championship winning engines. If they are buying the 625, it is exactly the same.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed our first season in P1 and have been surprised by just how many people follow the championship in America. Our success has resonated throughout our customer base over here. It has had a positive impact on sales and I’m sure a P1 event in the United States would be well received.”

Robert Wicks, Sales and Marketing Director of Powerboat P1 comments: “The manner in which Ilmor have incorporated their Powerboat P1 successes into their 2008 sales and marketing programme is indicative of our attempts to provide a global marketing platform for the marine industry. We are delighted that such a prestigious engine manufacturer is reaping the benefits of its investment in Powerboat P1 and look forward to their ongoing participation and success in the series.”