Pete’s Plums appeal leads to lifeboat charity coup

One man’s testicular trouble has led to a charity appeal that raised thousands for Hamble Lifeboat

Pathfinders Powerboat Club has handed over a bumper donation to Hamble Lifeboat, after an eye-wateringly successful charity appeal.

PPC member Pete Lovett launched Pete’s Plums after a sailing accident almost cost him his testicles.

The 49-year-old roofer caught his family jewels on a snap davit, leading to a rendezvouz with Hamble Lifeboat, an emergency callout to a Coastguard helicopter, and a three-hour operation, resulting in 32 stitches and a six-inch scar.

This close call left Pete immensely grateful, so he set out to raise £10,000 for Hamble Lifeboat through a series of events including a charity auction.

And although the latest donation from PCC has pushed Pete past his target amount, the story won’t end there.

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“Friends still tease me about what happened. I’m known as Pete the Plum and I don’t think that will ever go away,” he said.

Hamble Lifeboat is an independent lifeboat organisation, one of 62 such groups across the UK, which operates alongside the RNLI to provide rescue services to boaters in need.

The organisation responds to around 120 callouts per year and is currently raising money to build a new £260,000 boathouse.

To donate to Hamble Lifeboat and show your support for Pete and his plums, visit his Justgiving page.