Photo of first supercavitating motorboat, GHOST

A US company has developed an aircraft/boat that it hopes will protect the navy against terror attacks

The first picture has been released of GHOST, the world’s first supercavitating motorboat. The ultra high-tech craft is a combination boat/aircraft that is designed to “fly” through an artificial underwater gaseous environment that creates 900 times less hull friction than water.

Fuel costs are significantly reduced as a result,

while the boat’s high speed and stealth capabilities are seen as making it an

ideal craft for use by customs, border protection, anti-piracy, and military


Development of GHOST was, in many ways, as difficult as breaking the sound barrier, said its designers, Juliet Marine Systems (JMS). JMS is based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in the US, and has been developing GHOST to protect the US Navy against small-scale terrorist attacks.

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GHOST technology is scalable and JMS is currently discussing plans to build a larger vessel of around 150ft in length.

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