Photos of boat running aground in Guernsey

This French-registered Prestige wound up high and dry off Guernsey

This Cherbourg-registered Prestige 42, Jan’ky III, ended up on rocks outside the entrance of the Queen Elizabeth II Marina, Guernsey, just north of St Peter Port harbour yesterday (Monday).

SEE PHOTOS of the boat on the rocks.

Marina staff were alerted to the craft’s plight at around 2pm. By 5.45pm there was enough water in the harbour to allow Jan’ky III to be refloated and bought

into St Peter Port under its own power, where it was lifted out of the water on the Boatworks slipway.

Harbourmaster, Captain Peter Gill, told The Guernsey Press that the owner of the Jan’ky III failed to contact his office before trying to enter the marina just before 2pm.

“We would have told him there was not sufficient water there,” Gill said. “He is not the first and will not be the last.”

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Captain Gill said the owner saw the red warning light at the marina and tried to turn back but by then it was too late and the boat ran aground.


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