Photos: shock as lorry rolls into water and sinks boat on the Thames

A "mechanical mishap" is being blamed for an incident in which a lorry rolled into the water at Bourne End Marina on the Thames, sinking a boat in the process

A lorry rolled off a marina quay and crushed a boat at Bourne End Marina on the Thames.

The lorry, which was carrying a load of scaffolding, had a “mechanical mishap”, and rolled back on to a boat moored on the quay.

The trailer appears to have grounded out on its side bar, spreading the weight between the trailer and the boat, potentially saving the boat from being completely submerged.

It was left resting on the boat until a crane arrived to lift off the heavy load.

A spokesman for Bourne End Marina, near Marlow in Buckinghamshire, said that he saw the trailer start to roll at about 3pm, but by then it was too late. He also added that the boat, which is owned by the marina and used as a tug, was probably a write-off.

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The trailer was being stored at the marina, with the scaffolding waiting to be used on a local bridge.

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