Owner of Hardy Boats builds boat for his ill brother

Paul Hardy, owner of Hardy
Boats Ltd, has built a boat in pink to raise money for Cancer Research. When Pauls
46-year-old brother, Ian, was diagnosed with a brain tumour, he decided to
build a boat to raise money for the charity.

Paul said, “It has pink
lifejackets, pink fishing rods, pink everything.”

The 16ft (4.9m) is the 13th
new boat built by the company and will be used by fishermen in angling
competitions, with its first outing being in the Isle of Man for the Queenie


are being asked to donate money to choose a name for the boat with the winner
being announced at the end of September. Paul hopes to finish his fundraising
by auctioning the boat, which he estimates will be worth £1,200 at the end of the