Plans for a 4500ft floating city unveiled

A floating city that can house 100,000 people, has its own economy and airport are unveiled by Freedomship

Plans have been unveiled for a huge mobile floating city capable of carrying up to 100,000 people. Freedom Ship will be around 4,500 feet long, 750 feet wide, and 350 feet high, and will have its own economy with tens of thousands of people working in shops, bars, a hotel, a casino, and other businesses.

It will circumnavigate the earth every two years, but around 70 per cent of each voyage will be spent moored outside major cities and ports. However the vessel will be too large to enter most harbours, so it will have its own fully functional airport on the top deck to enable passengers to arrive and depart safely by air.

The £6.7 billion project envisages individuals or families renting accommodation aboard the floating city for periods of two years or more. Those aboard would comprise 40,000 residents, 20,000 full time crew, 30,000 daily visitors, and 10,000 overnight guests to the hotel and casino, with everyone aboard paying a maintenance fee to support infrastructure such as security services and fire fighters.