Pod of sperm whales trapped in North Sea

Up to 25 of the whales may be at risk of stranding themselves after becoming lost

Scientists have warned that up to 25 sperm whales may be in danger of stranding themselves on Britain’s beaches.

It is believed a ‘bachelor pod’ of juvenile sperm whales has entered the North Sea, leading to four strandings in the last fortnight.

Although it is too early to say what’s causing the whales to lose their way, scientists have said four beachings in such a short space of time is highly unusual.

Last year, just one sperm whale was found stranded on the coastline, compared with two in 2004 and four in 2003.

The first whale was found washed up on 4 February in the Humber Estuary, the second and third at Gat Sand, Lincolnshire, and the fourth was found last Wednesday at Skegness.

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Conservationists believe sonar and the “industrialisation” of the sea are responsible for damaging the whales’ navigational and communication systems.