Poole Harbour uses 3D navigation to track boats

Boaters in Poole Harbour will now be watched from all angles as Poole Harbour Commissioners trial new 3D navigational software to monitor boat traffic

Poole is the first harbour in the world to use 3D navigation imaging in its Vessel Traffic Monitoring System.

The system uses unique technology that shows real-time 3D images, which is said to be able to increase the level of safety in ports and harbours.

The technology allows the user to see various perspectives around the vessel, including below the waterline – a useful tool when detecting dangers under the surface of the water, such as grounding.

Captain Brian Murphy, Poole Harbour Commissioners’ (PHC) harbourmaster, said, “As guardians of Europe’s largest natural harbour, it is the PHC’s responsibility to ensure we consider the best technology available to deliver an even higher level of navigational safety.”

The program also stores all the track data, which will come in useful in the event of an incident, as it can be played back at any point up to 10 years later.