Princess V39: first pictures

We have the exclusive first pictures of the eagerly awaited Princess V39

Let’s forget about boring details like the price for a moment and take a sneak preview at what is Princess’s first sub-40ft cruiser in nearly 10 years has to offer. And that is style and quality in abundance.

It’s always a concern that when a manufacturer downsizes, there will be a corresponding dip in finish.
Not here, from the standard fit hardtop and teak-laid cockpit, to the high-gloss walnut interior with beautifully contrasting feature panels, this new sportscruiser looks and feels every inch a proper Princess.

Sleek exterior styling also belies a tremendous feeling of space inside. There’s well over six feet of headroom throughout, masses of storage, and no sense of compromise anywhere.

Plus, it isn’t just competitively priced, it’s actually more than thirty thousand pounds cheaper than its nearest competitor, the Fairline Targa 38GT. Our only concern then, is whether Princess can build them fast enough.

See the pictures here

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Review by Nick Burnham