Princess V39 to star at World Match Play golf championship

Volvo and Princess will be showcasing the 39ft sportscruiser at next week’s golf tournament

Competitors at the World Match Play golf championship will be used to coping with all sorts of pressure.

But at this year’s event at the London Golf Club, Graeme McDowell and his Ryder Cup teammates will have to focus extra hard to avoid hitting a £300,000 sportscruiser.

Princess has teamed up with Volvo to showcase its entry-level model, the V39, which will be moored on the 8th hole lake during the international golf championship at the London Golf Club, Kent.

As the tournament’s chief sponsor, Volvo would normally use the opportunity to show off its cars at various points around the course, but due to its engine supply deal with Princess, this year’s event will be a little different.

And with a top prize of more than £500,000, this year’s winner could easily afford to snap up a brand new Princess V39.

The World Match Play Championship was founded in the UK in 1964 and is returning to its roots for a 50th anniversary celebration.

With a British venue and a British motoryacht moored on the course, now all we need is a British winner. Don’t let us down, Graeme.

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