PWC men grateful for their RNLI rescue

Two men who ended up in icy waters after their PWC crashed have had tattoos done to celebrate their RNLI rescue

Two fathers that ended up in icy waters in November after falling off their PWC have had tattoos to mark their escape.

Gavin Smith, 28, and Ben Thomson, 32, spent three hours in the water off the coast of St Andrews, near Edinburgh. Smith told the Daily Mail, “When you’re that cold, it is easy to lie back and accept death.”
A friend on another PWC went back to shore to alert the authorities, sending a coastguard helicopter, which failed to find them. Smith said, “The helicopter flew right over us and once it had been and gone, I thought we were done for.”
To keep their morale high, they sang a song they sing to their children, “Love you lots, like jelly tots.”
Later the RNLI launched the lifeboat and found them more than 10 miles from where they had fallen in. Smith added, “I just want to express my thanks to the crew. Without them I don’t know if I would be here today.”
Both men have had tattoos on their forearms to mark the day and appreciation for the charity, reading, “Love you lots, like jelly tots. RNLI 25.11.2012.”