Quadrofoil electric jetski to go into mass production

Slovenian firm Quadrofoil has announced that its electric jetski will be going into mass production with backing from Austrian firm Alumero Group

When a brave new idea emerges in the boating world we at Motor Boat & Yachting try to maintain an air of healthy scepticism in our reports.

The truth is that so few of these designs make it into mass production. However, it seems like the Quadrofoil electric jetski will be one of the few.

This bold idea was met with a strong response when it was unveiled October. And over the past four months its preview video has attracted more than 500,000 views on YouTube.

Now the Slovenian firm has announced plans to put this electric jetski into mass production, after the first 12 pre-orders were placed.

UPDATE: The first mass production Quadrofoil came off the factory line ony July 3 and the company announced it has signed up an international network of 11 dealers.

The Quadrofoil is built in the Solvenian town of Slovenska Bistrica by Austrian firm Alumero Group.

Alumero produces solar panels in five factories across Europe and its Slovenian arm generated €3.8m of revenue in the second half of 2012.

It is estimated that the two companies will create 100 new jobs in the town by 2017.

Manfred Rosenstatter, CEO of Alumero Group, said of the deal: “We will expand our production portfolio with a unique, ecological and progressive product.

“Quadrofoil is a highly emotional product with significant potential for the future,” he added.

Electric jetski evolution

As we reported last year, the Quadrofoil will be powered by a 5.5KW electric motor and should reach a top speed of 21 knots when foiling.

Its 10KWH battery pack can be fully charged from flat in under two hours at a cost of less than £2. It has a maximum cruising range of around 50 miles.

CEO Marjan Rožman said: “There are still several tasks in front of us, before we can ensure delivery at the end of March. However, I am absolutely certain that we will make it.”

Prices for the Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition electric jetski start at €22,500 (£16,600). A 3.7KW version called the Q2A will be launched before the summer with a price tag of €15,000.


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