Readying for the off?

Still in Portsmouth but readying for the off tomorrow?

Monday 22nd May

Day 4

Position – Royal Clarence Marina, Gosport

As Sunday and the weekend drew to a close, the MBM Team formed an impromptu drinks gathering aboard Calm Voyager for the boats in Gosport. Spirits seemed to be high despite the news that a Tuesday move might now not be possible.

Calm Voyager’s generator issue has now been resolved. An engineer came aboard this morning and replaced the offending leaking water pump.
We have spent the day working on plans D through to Z, looking ahead and possibly trying to salvage the rest of the week. Today we also replenished our depleted food stocks. Chocolate was the main request. Another job also was to fit a compass to the RIB.

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By 1900 hrs today Neale, with a little help from our weather guru Kim Hollamby had made the decision to take advantage of a weather window, which may give us the chance to get across the Channel. Decisions will be made at 0430 hrs when Calm Voyager ventures out to check on the conditions. Each boat has been given a departure time; the earliest boat will be leaving Brighton at 0530hrs.