Red diesel – Panic over

Lobbying by RYA results in revised HMRC statement

Following strong objections by the RYA over Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs amendment to the declaration on the usage of marked ‘red’ diesel, which was published on 20 February and reported on MBM’s website, the Government has today publicly confirmed that it has no intention to make it unlawful for red diesel bought in the UK to be used outside UK territorial waters.

Gus Lewis, RYA’s Head of Government Affairs, commenting on the revised declaration said, “The wording in the revised declaration is now clear that no change has been made to the ability of UK boaters to use red diesel when cruising or racing outside UK territorial waters.”

As part of MBM’s ongoing investigations Sue Pelling spoke with Gus Lewis, the RYA’s

Legal and Government affairs manager, to clarify the rules and

regulations on the use of red diesel, both in the UK and in other EU

member countries.