Replica U-boat for sale

Floating museum looks like a U-boat on one side, a British submarine on the other and comes complete with German and British uniforms

A replica German U-boat is being offered for sale for £30,000. U-8047 is a converted narrowboat and has operated as a floating submarine museum on the Leeds and Liverpool canal by self-styled ‘Captain’ Richard Williams.

The 45ft boat, which is a look alike U-boat on one side and British Submarine on the other side, is fitted out with a conning tower, periscope, captain’s cabin, galley and heads, control room, torpedo room, and brig. It comes complete with German and British uniforms for visitors to dress up in, sonar, whoopar horn, and morse key, and is being offered as a floating museum, tourist attraction or big boy’s toy.

“We are only selling because British Waterways has moved us from the prime location outside The Royal Armouries, which has resulted in a 90 per cent drop in visitor donations”, said Capt. Williams. He is currently on bail after being arrested by HM Revenue and Customs officers over a suspected £1m VAT fraud linked to fake sales of disability equipment.