RIB in a bag

Inflatable boat that fits in a suitcase

Fresh from the E.P Barrus stand at ExCeL is the new ‘easy go boat’ from Quicksilver.

The concept includes an all-in-one trolley bag with two compartments, the upper chamber holding the oars, hand pump and and electric outboard (Thruster T30) whilst the body of the 2.5m inflatable is stored in the lower chamber.

Fully loaded the bag weighs a mere 35kg meaning it should be easy to handle for one person and (if the electric engine doesn’t float your boat – so to speak) you can buy the inflatable on its own and use a 3.5hp petrol outboard instead.

Keep in mind that with the electric version a battery will be needed making the concept slightly less practical than it first seems but this could be a small price to pay for such a neat overall package.

The boat is available in two colours, light grey or khaki green and costs £579 including VAT.

To find a Quicksilver dealer go to the Barrus website.