Riverdance ferry beyond repair

The doomed ferry Riverdance, which ran aground in Blackpool is to be transported for recycling

The stricken ferryRiverdance, which ran aground on Blackpool beach in January after it was hit by a freak wave, is to be stripped down, cut into pieces and transported for recycling.

It was hoped that workers would be able to salvage part of the ferry, which has now sunk about 4m into the ground. Experts from Hancock’s Contractor’s in Heysham, Lancashire, which is in charge of the dismantling project have been on board its sister ship,Moondancein the hope it will give them some idea of howRiverdanceis constructed and what they should expect from the weeks ahead.

The operation will have to be scheduled around tide times and is expected to last up to 14 weeks and may involve some night-time working.