RNLI Angle open day to feature £2.6m lifeboat

The open day at RNLI Angle on 9 August will see a multi-million pound lifeboat being launched onto the water

Welsh boat lovers will get a chance to see a £2.6m lifeboat take to the water as part of the annual RNLI Angle open day on 9 August.

Peter and Lesley-Jane Nicholson, an all-weather Tamar-class lifeboat will be the star attraction at the free event, which runs from midday to 6pm.

The multi-million pound vessel (pictured above) is on relief duty while RNLI Angle’s resident lifeboat Mark Mason undergoes repairs.

Also on display is Richard John Talbot Hillier, which currently serves as the inshore lifeboat at the £1.2m Pembrokeshire station, where visitors can learn about the rich history of lifeboats in South Wales.

Many former RNLI lifeboats are expect to attend the event, including Spirit of Angle, which was in operation at Angle from 1957 to 1987.

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RNLI Angle is situated across the water from the South Wales town of Milford Haven. The station was set up in 1868 following a donation from Bradford-based philanthropist Titus Salt.