RNLI issues drink-drive warning after Clyde callout

The RNLI has issued a warning about the dangers of drink driving after being called out to a motorboat with a seemingly intoxicated skipper and crew

Boatowners have been warned about the dangers of drink driving, after the Helensburgh lifeboat was called out to an incident involving an intoxicated skipper and crew.

The volunteer crew were called out last weekend (21 June) to assist a boat on the River Clyde that was reported for erratic driving by the Belfast coastguard while heading out of Cardwell Bay towards Sandbank Marina.

When the RNLI team arrived on the scene at 7pm, all five people on board appeared to be intoxicated and none of them were wearing a lifejacket.

An RNLI spokesperson told the Greenock Telegraph: “Everyone at sea should wear lifejackets – and it is not advisable for those in charge of a vessel to be intoxicated.”

The coastguard added that drink driving in this area could have led to a collision with a shipping vessel and added that skippers should always take the utmost care when in charge of any craft.

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Whilst there is no specific criminal charge for being drunk in charge of a motorboat, prosecution arising from any accidents caused while inebriated would be much more severe and any insurance policy is likely to be invalidated.