RNLI rescues a veteran lifeboat

Proving that none of us are immune to problems at sea, rescue workers in Whitby go to the aid of a former RNLI lifeboat that saved 201 lives in her 36-year career

Lifeboatmen had to rescue a former lifeboat when it broke down while taking a party of passengers for a pleasure trip off the coast of Whitby.

The Mary Ann Hepworth saved 201 lives during her 36-year RNLI career, but a steering problem on 17 May left the 73-year-old boat in difficulties about a mile offshore.

Whitby’s Trent-class lifeboat George and Mary Webb was called out and towed the Mary Ann Hepworth to safety.

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“We were so embarrassed”, said Barry Sneddon, a former member of the Whitby lifeboat crew and the owner of Mary Ann Hepworth, “but the passengers thought it was marvellous”.

“We have been running for 26 years and it’s the first time we have had to be rescued”, he said.

See footage below of the Mary Ann Hepworth on a more successful trip out.