Row to the Pole with Jock Wishart

British explorer Jock Wishart is looking for crewmembers to join him on a rowing expedition to the Magnetic North Pole

In what is being hailed as the first rowing attempt to one of the world’s Poles, Jock Wishart is planning to row to the Magnetic North Pole next summer and he is looking for crewmembers.

Announcing his plan at the Watermen’s Hall in London this morning, Wishart borrowed from the legendary advert that Ernest Shackleton is said to have placed in the Times during his planning of the Nimrod expedition, saying:

“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful.”

Wishart, who has already rowed across the Atlantic, hopes to assemble a crew of five to join him on the expedition. The expedition is scheduled for July 2011 and will depart from Resolute Bay in Canada and cover a 450-mile route across the Arctic Sea.

The boat is currently under construction and will be made of plywood and glass. Wishart says that it is only possible to navigate the final section of the route for a few weeks each year, and even this is only possible due to seasonal ice melt caused by climate change.

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Old Pulteney, which is sponsoring the attempt, described it as an “ice-breaking” expedition. For more information, or to offer your services go to Row to the Pole.