Salvage teams finally pump oil from cargo ship Rena

A cargo ship stranded off the coast of New Zealand in October has at last been cleared of oil by salvage teams

Poor weather has meant that 350 tonnes of oil leaked out of the Greek cargo ship Rena, following its grounding on a reef on 5 October, before salvage teams could limit the damage.

Now that the oil has been removed, a crane will be used to remove the 1300 containers ready for the ship to be dragged off the reef.

Stuart Crosby, mayor of the city of Tauranga, said, “The salvors have done an amazing job under treacherous conditions to avoid an environmental disaster.”

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Environmentalists had warned of disaster if all 1700 tonnes of oil and 200 tonnes of diesel originally held on board spilled from the vessel.

The ship’s Philippine captain and second officer have been charged over the incident.

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