Seafarers UK fundraising appeal launched

Seafarers UK has launched its biggest ever fundraising campaign

Seafarers UK has launched its biggest ever fundraising campaign. ‘2 Million Reasons’ is aimed at raising awareness of the ‘forgotten’ plight of the UK’s seafarers and their families.

The seafaring community is an overlooked group, yet seafarers often face extreme hardship, with fishing being the most dangerous peacetime occupation in the UK. Poverty and isolation amongst seafarers and their families is common, with 82 per cent of older seafarers reporting poor health, compared to an average of 33 per cent of older people in the general population.

Director-General of Seafarers UK, Commodore Barry Bryant RN, said the aim of the appeal was to close the £2 million funding gap over the next two years while also making people aware that our seafarers, who live with treacherous conditions at sea, also face equally rough challenges back on land.