Sealine announces it is to launch eight new models

The Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show has got off to a good start with the announcement that Sealine is to invest in eight new model launches

At a press briefing this morning Sealine’s managing director Chris O Connor said that the company has secured enough investment to launch eight new models over the next two or three years and MBM has since learned that one of these launches will be an entry-level model.

O Connor said, “As a result of the strong demand for our recent boats and this additional investment in future models, we will be hiring 50 new employees to work in engineering and manufacturing.”

Visitors to the London Boat Show can also see an animated walkthrough of the new SC42, which includes a versatile cockpit and which will be launched later in the year.

In pictures: Sealine SC42

O Connor said, “The SC42 represents a complete rethink on how we can make the best use of space on a 42ft open sportscruiser. A bold and innovative new design, the SC42 will offer more social space than on any other cruiser of this size.”

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Sealine is also exhibiting the flybridge version of the 42, which was launched last year.

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