Sealine rebrands its model line-up

British boatbuilder Sealine sizes-up its boats

Sealine has today announced that it is rebranding its model ranges. Bill Griffiths, Sealine MD, said, “It provides an important opportunity to offer consistency across all of our markets and brings to an end any confusion over the true size of our models.”
The new branding, which will come into effect this week, will see every model enlarged with a new three-digit name.
New model name             Previous model name
S380                              SC35
S450                              SC42
F450                              F42
C490                              C48
F490                              F48
F380*                            F37*

*The new F380 flybridge (previously given the project name F37) will arrive in Autumn.
With Sealine looking to re-establish itself internationally, recently opening offices in Florida and Lebanon, these new model demarcations are clearly meant to promote greater value to buyers. Akin to a boxer moving up in a weight category, only time will tell if Sealine’s models can take this step up in their stride.