Search resumes for second missing man in Shepperton boat tragedy

Surrey Police are still looking for a second man after a boat capsized near Shepperton on Sunday evening

The search resumed this morning for a man who is still missing after a boat capsized on the River Thames near Shepperton on Sunday. The body of one of the missing men was recovered yesterday afternoon.

The 8ft motorboat Minoru overturned as it made its way from Pharoah’s Island, just upriver of Shepperton Lock, at around 7.30pm on Sunday evening, throwing all of its six passengers into the water. Four of the passengers managed to scramble the 50 yards to the riverbank in the darkness but two men were reported missing.

A body recovered from the river at around 3pm yesterday afternoon is believed to be that of boatowner Keith Lowde, 66, although formal identification has not yet taken place.

Surrey Police confirmed that it resumed its search for the second (as yet unnamed) man as of 9am this morning and that it has enlisted the help of Sussex Police’s specialist underwater unit. A spokesperson said it is likely to widen its search further along the river.

Police said that an investigation into what caused the boat to capsize will now take place.