Shell-tastic superyacht on cracking form

A weird and wonderful new superyacht concept has been unveiled and it's inspired by seashells, its designer claims

British designer Alex McDiarmid’s latest 90m yacht concept draws its inspiration from an unusual source – the curvaceous lines of seashells.

A press release from the France-based designer claims that “the design and styling of the superstructure takes its inspiration from the

beautiful twisting and swirling forms of shells – in particular the Turitella

shell (tower screw) a long twirled seashell, the Tibia Fusus sea shell for

its long thin tail and of course Conches, the ultimate shell.

“The vibrant and striking colours of many shells influenced the ‘over the

top’, multi-coloured paint scheme.

It is a concept which would require new ways in thinking for

production but these concept designs should offer an insight into what could be

while at the same time entertaining the viewer.”

We’re in total agreement with that last bit here at MBM, but what do you lot reckon? No pricing details are available at the moment but how much would you pay for a shell-shaped superyacht complete with “custom tenders and lots of other toys including PWCs, windsurfers and scuba gear”?


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