Speed record ends in flames

The same lake where Donald Campbell died in Bluebird K7

A boat taking part in speed trials on Coniston Water in Cumbria, caught fire yesterday. The catamaran was attempting to break a speed record during the annual event Coniston Power Boat Week. The boat had been towed back to shore after it had suffered damage during its first run but a spark ignited a severed fuel line, and within seconds the boat went up in flames.

A witness told the Daily Mail, “There was a guy on the back trying to disconnect everything”.
Another witness descried a ‘whoosh’ noise as the boat was engulfed in flames. Firefighters rushed to extinguish it and thankfully no one was injured.

An event spokesman said that firefighters responded to the incident and once the water was free from contamination and debris, the event continued.
In 1967 Donald Campbell tried to break the world speed record on the same lake in Bluebird K7. He was travelling at more than 300mph on Coniston Water when the boat was catapulted 50ft into the air after its nose lifted. Forty-six-year-old Campbell was killed instantly as the boat hit the water and immediately disintegrated.