Spielberg falls foul of motorboat laws

The film director is hit with a 172 euro fine during an Italian holiday

He might own a £220m superyacht but that didn’t stop Steven Spielberg getting into trouble on his tender.

The 64-year-old Hollywood mogul was apparently taking Gwyneth Paltrow for a Sardinian cruise on his yacht Seven Seas when he landed the fine, which was coming too close to the beach.

The shoreline at La Maddalena, on the north east of Sardinia, apparently has a 900ft exclusion zone of which the ET director was unaware. Coastguards responded to complaints about the noise from the tender by confronting, then fining Spielberg.

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Coastguard Vincenzo Petrella told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera: “When we arrived at the scene there was a bearded gentleman signing autographs for people on the beach – we had been called by holidaymakers because the tender was so close to the shore.

“I recognised him instantly and he came up to me and said, ‘I’m Steven Spielberg. How can I help?’ I told him that regulations forbid tenders coming within 300 metres of the shore. He was very apologetic and even offered to pay there and then.”

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