Storms wreak chaos in Fishguard

Five boats broke adrift in a Pembrokeshire harbour yesterday as it was lashed by winds gusting to Force 9-10

Three boats were assisted to safety while one was beached and another

wrecked on the shoreline during winds of up to Force 10 today, but fortunately no injuries were reported.


easterly winds broke the moorings of the fishing boat Pisces near the inner

breakwater in Fishguard, Pembrokshire, shortly before 7am, but a crew member from the RIB Cariad M boarded

the vessel, restarted the engine, and took it to safety. Milford Haven

Coastguard then received further calls about fishing vessels that had broken

free from moorings including Jay-C, which was beached near the Seaview Hotel,

and Euroclydon which broke down as it was leaving its moorings and was swept on

to rocks.

Cariad M

managed to get a line aboard the stricken boat and held it steady until

Fishguard lifeboat arrived on scene and towed it clear. The lifeboat

subsequently found the fishing boat Helen D wrecked on the shoreline, while

Cariad M went to the assistance of the drifting yacht Coral Wind and towed it

to safety.