Suzuki launches first outboard security system with Datatag

The security-marking product helps track down outboard thieves

Following a series of outboard thefts over the summer, Suzuki has announced a new scheme to combat this type of crime, which sees the Japanese manufacturer teaming up with Datatag.

The security-marking company has achieved great popularity in the motorcycle market and its new product is the first of its kind in the marine sector.

Launched at the PSP Southampton Boat Show (12-21 September), the system creates a unique and irremovable fingerprint for each outboard.

This includes UV etching, warning stickers, identification microdots and an electronic transponder.

All of these combine to deter outboard thieves and make it easier for the authorities to track them down in the event of a theft.

George Cheeseman, sales and marketing manager for Suzuki Marine GB, said: “Outboard theft is a real problem.

“We are taking steps to be proactive in the prevention of theft and [are] also helping to recover stolen units.”

Datatag kits cost £40 each and will now come fitted as standard all new Suzuki outboards above 25hp.

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