Suzuki unveils DF200A four-cylinder outboard engine

The new outboard has been designed to produce V6 levels of power from a lightweight four-cylinder unit

Suzuki has released full details of its latest outboard motor, the DF200A.

The company claims that the new four-cylinder model’s 2,867cm3 displacement puts it in the same performance bracket as much heavier V6 alternatives.

Indeed with a total weight of 225kg, the DF200A is 12% lighter than the equivalent V6 model in the Suzuki range.

Other key features include direct air intake, thanks to the redesigned cowling and baffling, and variable valve timing, all of which combines to increase the engine’s thermal efficiency.

Owners can expect quick acceleration and plenty of low-end torque, with Suzuki reporting a 1.5% improvement in top end speed and a 12% drop in 0-30 mph times.

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Meanwhile the Lean Burn Control Technology makes for improved fuel economy, the Japanese manufacturer adds.

For added reliability, Suzuki has also fitted oxygen, water and knock-detection sensors.

Masahiro Yamamoto, general manager for Suzuki Marine Europe, said: “I am privileged to have been able to test the new DF200A and am pleased to report that it delivers outstanding power and has a very satisfying engine note.”

An exact release date is yet to be revealed, with the company simply saying that the DF200A will be out “later this year”, followed by a new DF200AP in early 2015.