Vessels clash at maritime festival in Portland, Oregon

A 65-year-old paddle steamer
sent pirates rushing for the pumps after it crashed into their vessel during a
maritime festival. The sternwheeler Portland, with a full load of passengers
aboard, backed into the replica pirate ship while coming alongside in St Helens,
Oregon, USA.

No injuries were reported, but
the 55ft long pirate ship Royaliste,
with 12 ‘pirates’ aboard, was holed beneath the waterline by the 186ft paddler
and began taking water. Those on board said they actually saw the poop deck
buckle and then settle back down again as sternwheeler pulled away.

US Coast Guard and the ColumbiaCounty Sheriff’s
Office marine patrol units assisted Royaliste’s crew with pumping water from the damaged vessel to
prevent it sinking. Divers have carried out temporary repairs to enable
Royaliste to sail to Portland for

Watch the crash below: