Teenagers arrested after motorboat joyride in Ireland

Three teenagers were arrested on Sunday afternoon after taking a 40ft motorboat for a joyride off Ireland’s east coast

A nine-hour motorboat joyride along the east coast of Ireland on Sunday (May 24) sparked a police helicopter chase and led to three teenagers being arrested.

Two boys and a girl, believed to be less than 18 years old, boarded a privately-owned motoryacht moored in Dublin’s Dun Laoghaire Harbour (pictured above) at around 05:30, the Irish Independent reports.

The vessel set off along Ireland’s east coast, heading 75km south to Wexford before turning around and heading back north.

Later in the morning, the owner notified the local police and local boat clubs in an attempt to track down the joyriders.

However, it wasn’t until 13:30 that they were sighted near Greystones Marina, with eye witnesses reporting “very reckless” driving.

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This prompted a 90-minute police air helicopter chase, which came to an end when the boat ran aground near South Beach, Greystones shortly after 3pm.

Two of the joyriders abandoned the boat and set off on foot, but were arrested shortly afterwards and taken the Bray police station for questioning.