Thames rowers campaign against Putney Pier extension

Putney Pier to extend 50m into the Thames

Rowers at Thames-based clubs in London are campaigning against plans to extend the Putney Pier. The plans show that the 100-year-old pier could be extended by 164ft (50m), allowing room for a further 11 residential berths, a pump-out facility, cycle storage area and two visitor berths, as well as the river taxi berth.

Rowers say that if plans go ahead, they will not have room to manoeuvre their boats, which for less experienced crews could lead to potentially dangerous situations.

The owner of the pier, Chris Livett, told the BBC, “The plans for the pier will enhance the area and in turns of safety, it will not be in the navigational channel.”

Livett has since said that due to the amount of objections to the development, he may reconsider the plans.