Thames security “will not be intrusive”

Steps to protect the Thames from terrorist attacks in the build up to the Olympics will not have an adverse effect on boaters says the Mayor's office

Despite reports in the national press that the Royal Navy and the Special Boat Service have been called in to guard the Thames against a Mumbai-style terrorist attack, a spokesperson for the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, said the comments had been “blown out of all proportion”.

In an interview with The Times, Boris Johnson admitted ways of protecting the capital were being considered in the wake of the Mumbai attacks. He said, “There is a great deal of work going on. There certainly are extensive preparations to stop a Mumbai-style operation on the Thames. They have thought all that through. There is substantial organisation to guard against the possibility of some sort of riparian assault.”

A spokesperson for Boris Johnson said that there is no impending plan to employ either the Navy or the Special Boat Service on the river but that the Ministry of Defence will consider how best to protect the river.