The boat with the fold-out cockpit

The amazing new motorboat with a cockpit that doubles in size

An Italian motorboat company has unveiled designs for an open day-boat with a cockpit that unfolds to double its size.

The sides of the Wider 42 extend to create a 6 metre-wide platform, increasing the space in the cockpit to 15m².

Wider 42 day-boat cruiser

The super-lightweight 42ft hull features a stepped design inspired by P1 powerboats and the manufacturers claim it can reach a top speed of over 45 knots with 370hp engines.

The boat also features a multifunctional steering wheel with a fixed, built-in mini instrument panel and inflatable seats which can be used as a floating airbed, should you get the urge to take a dip.

Wider 42 day-boat cruiser with extended cockpit

Designer Tilli Antonelli, who describes the model as “a fun park to experience at sea”, has also collaborated on both a 35ft and 50ft models featuring the foldout cockpit.

Who knows, perhaps the next one will include a ping-pong table?