The waiting game…. again

Another lazy day in Cowes - Cherbourg tomorrow?

Saturday 27th May

Day 9

Position – Shepards Wharf, Cowes

It was a grey and cloudy start to the day, and there were certainly a few sore heads this morning as last nights celebrations carried on well into the night.

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Early in the day, Neale had another look at the internet forecast for Sunday/Monday and the possibility of a crossing. The wind strength seems to have increased on Mondays forecast, so he called a skippers briefing at 1300hrs to inform all the participants of the possible predicament. Sundays forecast is still looking fairly settled. Will we stay; will we go? Find out tomorrow?.

Sadly Chris had to leave us today, as he had other commitments, and could not make the extra day that we have added on to the cruise in hope of making a channel crossing. The team is now three.

We hope to depart at 0930 after a final check of the weather.